Anatomy Study

So these past few weeks and months I was really really studying Zbrush and the human anatomy. I was always drawn towards creating humans or characters and organic stuff in 3d, but I guess I just didn’t have the knowledge to be able to do outstanding work. Well, now I’m on the subject, and I am studying hard, and practicing as much as I can. Here below you can see my first finished sculpture. An anatomy study. It took me roughly a week to do this (working in my spare time, and over the weekend). And I am pretty satisfied with the results.

And I already have a huge list on what to do and practice next: face, hair, feet, hands, cloth and much much more. I am aiming towards making one sculpt every week in the next year. I hope I will be able to keep this!

(For the bigger version check out my deviantArt page!)

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