3D Model

18Apr 2017

A little bit over a year ago I had the fortune to work on a couple of amazing projects at the London office of Taylor James. Everybody there is very creative and I can say that all projects are really interesting and truly satisfying to work on (and see the results)! Here you can enjoy […]

08Jun 2016

Disney released this lovely 360 photo of the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. Now everybody can have a look inside! Be sure to check out all the details, buttons and the equipment that’s hanging from the walls and the ceiling because we worked very hard to create an accurate replica of everything! 😉 Click on […]

01Jun 2016

Recently I had the pleasure of working on an interesting sculpt project at The Image Foundation. We prepared this image for the ESPN sport magazine before the super bowl. The aim was to create a heroic, Roman emperor type bust of the football player Tom Brady. We also created a short how it was made […]

19Mar 2016

It was really fun working on Warcraft (2016), I did some of the Orc weapons and the horse armours while working at Pinewood Studios. Look out for these in the latest trailer! Can’t wait to see the film in June 🙂

30Jan 2016

Click for the video! The image is only illustration. This is a short teaser of the new AF1 Flyknit video which I worked on! I was responsible for digitally recreating the whole shoe very precisely! Can’t wait until the full video is out! 🙂   Take a look at the new Flyknit upper of the Nike […]