3d printing

08Jun 2016

Disney released this lovely 360 photo of the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. Now everybody can have a look inside! Be sure to check out all the details, buttons and the equipment that’s hanging from the walls and the ceiling because we worked very hard to create an accurate replica of everything! 😉 Click on […]

19Mar 2016

It was really fun working on Warcraft (2016), I did some of the Orc weapons and the horse armours while working at Pinewood Studios. Look out for these in the latest trailer! Can’t wait to see the film in June 🙂

23Feb 2015

Good news! The Athlete Wrestling with a Python sculpture is available for order on Shapeways! There are two versions, a regular one and a hollow one to save on the price. Please enjoy these snaps I took of the print earlier this week.    

10Sep 2014

After  a lot of experimenting with this machine I finally finished my first project. A lot of effort went into this model and I learned a lot within just a couple of weeks using this machine. Unfortunately today I had to say goodbye to the printer for a while. It shipped back to the Formlabs […]

02Sep 2014

After the huge fails I had last week, I decided to be cautious. Broke the base into two parts and started printing. Always watching how the print was going and prepared to cancel it at any time. It’s better to cancel it when it goes wrong rather than somehow trying to fix it mid print […]

27Aug 2014

Well, a lot has happened since my first prints. To be exact, a lot of failed prints. I really got frustrated with the whole thing. In a nutshell, I tried to print the legs of the statue, but all my prints failed and now I have 5 different legs, all pretty much useless. How this […]

22Aug 2014

I decided to print a model that is dear to me. It’s a sculpture titled: an athlete wrestling with a python. Sir Frederic Leighton sculpted it in the 19th century. It’s on display in the Tate Britain. When I first visited the museum this piece just grabbed my attention. So when last year I delved […]

20Aug 2014

The shiny new printer arrived today! I ordered it to my workplace, which, in hindsight was a big mistake. I don’t drive and take the bus to work each day. Now when I realized that the package is around 20 kilos I was shocked… So it arrived yesterday and I called a cab to get […]

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