A few months ago I decided to let off some steam by starting a side project that has no deadlines, no pressure and it is pure fun. And I might also be able to learn some new tricks along the way! There is a Hungarian author I read when I was little who has a couple of ingenious short novels. It’s light hearted, funny and above all: relaxing. It’s the novels of Rejtő Jenő, and I decided to pick one of the iconic characters: Dirty Fred.

Now when I was browsing through Google for some reference images I stumbled upon some amazing cartoons originally drawn by Korcsmáros Pál a couple of decades ago. There might be an animation in 2017 with these characters redrawn as well. So I decided that his will be the perfect theme to my sculpts! I started as soon as I could, but unfortunately didn’t have any time since then to carry on. I’m writing this post so I have some record of the model itself and maybe this will encourage me to finish!

Below is the concept art and my initial draft sculpt side by side (there’s 4 hours worth of speed sculpting in this so far). I am also recording my progress in ZBrush so there’ll be a timelapse of the whole process.

My final aim for the whole mood is to achieve something like the Tintin film’s characters.