I had the pleasure to work on this film at the beginning of the production late 2013 at Pinewood Studios. As a freelance 3D modeller at Propshop my responsibilities included creating high detailed watertight assets that were 3D printed on site and transferred to Canada for the shoot.

Among the many things I worked on:

  • Various real size weapons the orcs have. This included creating battered rock, wood and other organic forms. Also some animal skulls and horns as well.
  • Horse armour for the horse of king Llane. This included using the 3D scan of the actual horse to make the design of the armour fit over the animal they were going to use. For this to work I had to creative problem solve areas and adapt the final armour to the unique body shape of the horse while keeping the general design intact. The 3D printed horse armour helped the horses to move more comfortably due to the lightweight nature of the prints, while looking exactly like a heavy, metal piece.