There are some exciting news for today! Turns out that the company I worked for will be producing some replicas of the sets of Star Wars (the Millenium Falcon) to be sold and also to be on display in Harrods (London)! This is very exciting news as they will use the 3D modelled props and equipment (greebles) I modelled for the space ship that is visible all over the Cockpit.

There were no precise drawings for any of these elements so we had to replicate everything from photographs and obscure, blurry images. But it had to be very accurate! James Enright, the CEO of Propshop says in an article by GQ magazine: “For the Millenium Falcon cockpit, it was the same thing. There’s no drawings for this stuff, so that’s the reason why we had to turn to technology. We had to do a lot of screen grabbing from the Falcon cockpit, do a lot of replication in using digital modelling and then 3D printing.”

It was very exciting and a great honour to work on this project and it is even more exciting that it will be readily available to see close up by thousands of people. We worked very hard on it so I’m very confident that not even the hard core SW fans will find anything out of place on it!