I'm David Rencsenyi and I'm a 3D generalist.

David Rencsenyi

Creating and replicating scenes, objects is a passion for me, not just a job. What started as a hobby more than 7 years ago, became a profession by now.

I am an expert in the following areas of 3d graphics:

  • Product visualization
  • Interior and exterior scenes
  • Models
  • Textures

I make objects and textures for studios, and complete scenes to interior designers. I work fast and with precision.

You can keep yourself updated in the field of 3d on my blog.

Working extensively with different programs is a key in being a 3d generalist. With a wide range of knowledge in different 3d and 2d applications I use various tools to my advantage.

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Zbrush
  • Photoshop